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  • We’re moving!

    It’s time to move! It’s going to be a really tumultuous month for us, because at the end of February we’re planning to give back the keys fro...

  • Curves

    Bei Julia ist es bald so weit und jede Minute zählt jetzt. So lange sie sich noch in einer Wolke Luftballons tarnen kann, wollte sie ihren riesigen Babybauch f...

  • Less is more

    Shootings can be simple and easy but also carry meaning and depth. Lisa showed us all kind of different faces: funny, silly but also serious.We don’t alwa...

  • Christmas time

    The winter shoes are still in the closet and winter jackets are hanging quietly and untouched… Even if it rains and the thermometer goes up to 12 ° C, Ch...