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  • The smallest FlowerChild

    Unser kleinstes BlumenKind ist Marie und hat sich zwischen Auftrag und zurück-ins-Studio-Fahren auch vor die Kamera gestellt. Leider hat sie ihr einjähriges P...

  • Cuddle material

    When he came in, I couldn’t hold back. The pup was so very cuddly and still such a “puppy”. He permanently ran around, fell over and was excit...

  • In bed with a dog

    To adopt a dog to the family is an big decision and just the first one of a lot more to come. Should the dog go to school, what should it eat, is it allowed to ...

  • See you soon, Marie!

    It’s the first Wednesday without our lovely Marie. A lot has happened last week: Germany won the world championship and Burkhard Jung has a new girlfriend...